Magna Styer is Austria's engineering powerhouse that's been busy building, among other things, the G-Wagen for Mercedes-Benz since 1979. Their latest concept is the MILA Plus hybrid sports car that's fast, green, and easier to produce than the BMW i8. So, let's make it happen people!

The MILA Plus is a 3,351-pound two-seater powered by the combination of a three-cylinder engine and two electric motors – one between the internal combustion engine and transmission to drive the rear axle, and one on the front axle to give it all-wheel drive.


With a peak output of 272 horsepower and 427 foot pounds of torque, Magna says it hits 62mph in 4.9 seconds unless you switch to pure electric mode, in which case you have a zero-emission range of 46 miles with acceleration to 50mph taking only 3.6 seconds.

Yes, that's still slightly slower and heavier than a BMW i8, but since Magna is one of those clever automotive suppliers out there who keeps playing a substantial part in the development and production of many cars we cherish, all without most of us realizing. And there's more to this concept than sheer speed.

This mid-engined wonder is based on an extruded aluminum space frame that's light and modular so it can accommodate a range of drivelines. They call it 'body-in-white', which uses the cold mechanical joining technology Magna developed for the SLS AMG and Aston Martin Rapide, and allows the use of components and systems from large series production, basically off-the-shelf.


With an integrated battery package, composite body panels and the rigid spaceframe, this architecture was also designed to meet whatever safety standards you can throw at it.

Cameras instead of mirrors? You bet! Our beloved Prof. Hackenberg, the guy who comes up with what Audi does 10 years from now says those will make it into production soon, so those will make it into production soon. Maybe.


Since Magna Styer will keep being occupied with making the G-Class, the stunning Peugeot RCZ and both fat Minis we don't care for much, this idea is up for grabs. And who doesn't have a three-cylinder to put in it?



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