Still wondering what you can buy with Bitcoin? Lots of techy people have been trying to do stuff with the not-exactly-real currency. Now you can buy a car with it. And what better car to buy with e-fake money than a Tesla Model S. That's just so much tech right there.


This used Tesla Model S was sold at a Lamborghini Newport Beach in Costa Mesa, Calif. The dealership seemed super excited about the sale and posted the news on their blog yesterday. And they wanted the world to know that they're totally accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate currency for which to buy cars from them.

The dealership didn't disclose what the Model S sold for in either Bitcoin or actual dollars, but another Model S Performance they're selling is listed at $118,888.

So, if you've got a lot of Bitcoin lying around and GM Card points have gotten you nowhere, now there's a place to find your next car.

Photo: Lamborghini Newport Beach

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