Someone Also Get Detroit's Water Department A New Social Media Manager

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Again, like the Detroit Police Department, I'm not sure this is the best social media policy for a municipal department having to save face in the wake of controversy. Is this the message for all those people with no water right now?


Thousands of Detroiters have had (and are still having) their water cut off due to past-due bills, sometimes ranging in the thousands. It's a clusterfuck of the department being lax in collections and allowing its customers to be comfortable in not paying their bills regularly.


Today, the water department is likely going to be turned over to a regional authority controlled by Wayne County and the suburban Macomb and Oakland counties. This, after it was taken over by the state when the emergency manager came in and turned back over to the city of Detroit last month.

That's a good thing. But unsolicited advice on how long a human can go without water without a hint of sympathy? Who thought of this? It's like, "hey, we know you don't have water. Never mind that you might need that for hygienic purpose. But you'll be good for a week, at least!"


The tweet's still up now. Doesn't look like they'll delete it like the DPD did theirs.