Images via Copart listing

The model year is 2016 and the odometer is at a mere 247 miles, but a nearly brand new Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang—one of the best the manufacturer has ever built, in our racing expert’s opinion—is already up for sale. And wrecked.

There is no explanation for the wreckage on the Copart listing for the car—or on a search of the Internet, in case there happened to be a video out there—but a search of the VIN number confirms that the car is a GT350 rather than the more track-focused GT350R. The GT350 is a 5.2-liter V8, complete with 526 horsepower in order to, well, run into stuff. (At least, in this case.)

As is obvious from the odometer and the fact that the 2016 GT350 and GT350R went on sale late in 2015, the car didn’t get to live a very long life before being wrecked and sent to a sale lot by its owner. That wreckage leads to a discount, though—the listing has an estimated retail value of $57,468 for this particular GT350, and bids for the car currently sit at $18,100.

The car is under a salvage title now, and Copart confirms that it can at least move under its own power after a “run and drive” test. For nearly $20,000, that’s good to hear. The “run and drive” tag on the sale page is actually quite amusing, considering the non-wrecked performance of the GT350:

At the time the vehicle arrived at Copart’s location, Copart verified that the vehicle started, (ii) could be put into gear, and (iii) was capable of moving forward under its own power. There is no guarantee, representation, or warranty that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition or can be driven lawfully upon the highways of any state. There is no guarantee, representation, or warranty that the vehicle will start, (ii) drive, or (iii) move forward under its own power at the time the vehicle is picked up at Copart’s location. It is the Member’s sole responsibility to ascertain, confirm, research, inspect, and/or investigate the vehicle prior to bidding on it. Once the vehicle is removed from Copart’s premises, the Member accepts the vehicle “as is.”


For now, the car still sits on Copart’s premises. Here are a few more photos from the lot:



The sale date for the car is just over a month from now, on April 18. Go get that tax refund—plus a lot of extra money you hopefully have laying around—and purchase yourself a trashed Shelby Mustang. Or don’t. That’s your choice.

Hat tip to Chris!