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Someone Actually Built Themselves A Replica Of The Batman Garage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Australian architects Molecule created this replica of Bruce Wayne’s makeshift Batcave from The Dark Knight for a client (makeshift because Wayne Manor was undergoing reconstruction after being burnt down by Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins, naturally). Every “cool” garage you’ve ever seen pales in comparison to this.


The Molecule project was tricky because the architects couldn’t change the visuals or the structure of the existing house, so they tunneled under the front yard to build a space for the owner’s car collection. “Inherently respectful to the history of the site, the silent rebellion of the concealed intervention affords the project its identity,” the architect said about it, and hmmm, yes, we can definitely see that it does, quite.

Cars can access the basement garage through a hydraulically powered lift that reveals a ramp underneath the tennis court. Let that sink in for a second.


Yes. This is real. It’s also from last year, but we just saw it now, so who cares. But we have only one question for the owner, though: where is the damned Murcielago?