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Holes in engines. They’re good things, really. You can pour oil into them, you can thread oil filters around them, you can bolt carburetors onto them, you can stick sweet headers over them, you can even plop an awesome free-flowing intake right onto them. Enormous holes in oil pans, though? Yeah, those are usually not good.

Listen folks, I like taking sweet jumps just as much as the next guy. Do I sometimes pretend I’m Ken Block on empty roads when nobody’s looking? Maybe. But I have a Jeep with tons of ground clearance, so it can mostly handle it (I broke some engine mounts once, but let’s move on).


This guy’s car, on the other hand, ain’t built for that kind of hoonage.

Nobody actually knows how this 2012 Volkswagen Jetta TDI ended up so mangled. But by the looks of it, there were probably rally-style jumps and maybe some heavy boozin’ involved. It rolled into Travis Schooter’s shop this week with a ridiculously jacked up engine. The aloof driver came in complaining about an oil light and a bit of noise coming from underneath, which is likely a winner for the Understatement of the Year award.


Travis says he knew right away that the motor was shot, but he was still not prepared to see a huge chunk missing from the engine. What I find impressive is that the engine still seems to actually run pretty well despite, you know, the massive hole.

But it wasn’t just the internal combustion engine that had its teeth knocked in, as the subframe and suspension were all sorts of screwed up, too. Travis is estimating about $8000 in damages.

I say forget all that. Eight grand? No way. Travis’s friend Bobby has the right idea:

Just put some jb weld on the pan and put some oil back in it. It will be fine. Lol.


Video Credit: Travis Schooter

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