Somebody Tried To Carjack Kari Byron From Mythbusters Last Night

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Someone tried to carjack Mythbusters co-host Kari Bryon last night, but she fought back and escaped with her car and her health. What a boss.


Mrs. Byron announced the attempted carjacking this morning on Twitter. We don't know what kind of car she was driving, but we know that she's okay.


If you plan on trying to steal a car, don't go for one owned by a tough artist/TV science show host.

(Hat tip to Parts_Chris!)

Photo Credit: Discovery

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Don't most (if not all) modern cars automatically lock the doors when you put the car in *shudder* drive?

This means she is either driving a manual, and old car or both. She's one a Jalop!

/or something very very cheap and modern but I'm going to go ahead and dismiss that option