Somebody Stanced A Freaking Ferrari

You’ve got to respect this kind of dedication to tremendously bad decisions.

Stance” is the Marilyn Manson of the car scene—look upon it and be shocked, squares. Sorry I had to use such an old reference, I’ve been categorically desensitized to hater-trigger art since 1996. Coincidentally that’s pretty much the same time this Ferrari 348 might have been prowling Beverly Hills, taking a few revvy laps around town and getting valet parked for a couple hours before being returned to a large garage in the Hollywood Hills.


Today the 348 is a weird kind of wasteful and extremely limited in appeal. Far too slow and ugly for the “traditional” Ferrari aficionado, yet too expensive to own and operate for those who might appreciate it anyway.

But somehow it’s still cool. The sheen of Ferrariness never wears all the way off, does it? That inherent purist pedigree combined with practical uselessness really makes the 348 the perfect platform to stance.

Apparently Hokkaido, Japan-based tuner shop FERS.CRU feels the same, as they just dropped a whole photo album documenting the dumping, flaring and mechanical torturing of this Ferrari they say is owned by another outfit called Slacker’s Haunt.


I reached out to ask about the build’s backstory, and will update if we hear anything.

Meanwhile it looks like the car’s fenders have been bulged out substantially and the shocks replaced with adjustable air bags. At least I think that’s the only way the car could possibly have been made this low while still being able to “drive.”


The resulting look is silly, brash, exaggerated. The three pillars of the stance scene. And, you might argue, Ferrari core values too.

Screw it. I love this thing.

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