Somebody Needs To Get Kimi And Skip Bayless In A Room Together

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Skip Bayless is successfully taking over ESPN and we have found the perfect person to take him on in one of his debates: Kimi Räikkönen.


For Sweden pointed out while we talked Austin GP TV ratings that the showdown between the no-bullshit Finn and Skip would be so good that Disney should go ahead and buy the rights to broadcast F1.


Don't listen to anyone who says it was because the race was held on NASCAR's championship weekend. The reason US viewership was so low was FOX is about to drop F1 and doesn't care, and other networks won't care either.

This race had zero television promotion outside speed. FOX could have easily mentioned something on their NFL broadcasts, but didn't because the race conflicted with the NFL games. None of the other broadcast networks will promote an event on FOX, and ESPN didn't even have highlights, though ESPN probably doesn't have any rights to highlights.

But next year, when NBC broadcasts F1, I have higher hopes. NBC doesn't broadcasts NFL games on Sunday afternoon and can fully promote the race without hurting themselves.

Though if Disney had the rights, ESPN would probably have several hours of programming dedicated to Skip Bayless attempting to debate Kimi.

We're not gonna argue with For Sweden here. This would be amazing.

Photo Credit: First Take/ESPN, Getty Images (Kimi)

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Except that NBC does Broadcast Football games on Sunday afternoon.