Somebody Made A Bullitt Mustang Ford Dump Truck

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Photo: Craigslist

Somebody followed through on the objectively excellent idea to make a Bullitt Mustang tribute Ford dump truck, and well, here it is.

This 1992 Ford F700 popped up on my Facebook feed this morning and I was briefly captivated by the cool green-body, black-wheel look thinking to myself, “hah, neat, it’s like a Bullitt truck,” only to read the title: Ford F700 “BULLITT MUSTANG” Tribute Dump Truck. Ah. Mystery solved.

And, oh, wow, it’s even got Bullitt mudflaps and a Bullitt grille emblem!


This F700 actually appears to be an objectively tidy old work rig and the seller’s pretty good at writing descriptions. Including the axle ratio, engine, and transmission type is pretty generous for a Craigslist post. Speaking of which, the old Craigslist Ad Saver site isn’t working at the moment so you’ll only be able to see it if you’re one of the lucky few who sees this post before the truck sells I guess.

The handsome condition makes sense if you read the whole post, as it becomes clear this truck has been somebody’s pride and joy. Or as the ad says: “DUMP BED HAS NEVER HAD A ROCK IN IT.” No mentions of whether or not it’s been jumped on steep San Francisco streets.


The asking price of $54,500 seems kind of cheap if you just came from Ford’s build-and-price site. I mean, shoot, a 2020 Mustang Bullitt is about $50,000, a diesel Super Duty truck is about another $50,000 without options, and this F700 is both in one vehicle!

Bullitt-anything will always have a warm place in my heart. Not because of the movie, my flea-like attention span wouldn’t allow me to finish it, but because of the great times David Tracy and I had blogging about the then-new Mustang model the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.


Free coffee was flowing, I still had two correctly working hands, and the internet could not get enough of this cool green car. Thanks for the memories, you strangely beautiful dump truck.

Hat tip to Phillip T and the Craigslist Throwdown League!