Somebody Has Already Tuned The New Supra To 420 Horsepower

Photo: Toyota
Photo: Toyota

The benefit of using a BMW turbocharged powerplant is that it’s pretty easy to add 85 horsepower to your 2020 Toyota Supra without swapping a single part. So easy, in fact, that somebody’s already done it.


In this case, Pistonheads reports that U.K.-based tuning company Litchfield Motors has extracted the extra power using nothing but a tune. They’ve got a stock Supra motor producing 420 horsepower, which should be more than enough power to blaze some tires.

Up next, Litchfield is developing a new titanium exhaust that ditches the factory particulate filter. By swapping out the exhaust with a less restrictive one, Litchfield expects to get around 450 horsepower out of the 3.0-liter engine.

Producing an extra 115 horsepower without touching any engine components is certainly a promising start to the A90 Supra tuning scene. BMW engines—specifically the turbocharged inline six in the E90 335i—are more than capable of handling massive power.

It should be noted, however, that stock Supras are probably producing more than the claimed 335 horsepower.

Given how many MKIV builds produced four-digit horsepower numbers, we’d imagine that this is just the beginning. Once aftermarket companies start swapping turbos and beefing up internals, there’s really no limit to how much power they’ll be able to make.

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