Somebody Finally Told Sebastian Vettel He Was Wearing The Wrong Hat

If you didn’t see, Nico Rosberg predictably won Sunday’s Formula One Italian Grand Prix and ahead of Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. But you wouldn’t know if you caught the broadcast right before the podium ceremony, because Sebastian Vettel ran around in the first-place hat for a good few minutes.


If there’s anything that can turn around the dullness of having the exact same drivers finish top two in nearly every F1 race, it’s having Vettel join them on the podium. Ferrari driver Vettel knows Mercedes is faster right now, so he’s just up there enjoying the ride and breaking the tension between two teammates who don’t exactly get along.

But this weekend’s Vettel entertainment was perhaps by accident, as he picked up the winner’s hat and wore it around until someone finally told him that he was in the wrong one. Rosberg even spoke to Vettel, whose hat had a giant “1st” printed on the side, but neglected to point it out and went on with his business.


Maybe Rosberg was afraid starting of another hat-throwing scuffle, since he knows just how hate-filled those can be. Or maybe he didn’t want to burst Vettel’s bubble right away—after all, they were in Ferrari’s homeland.

Either way, you’re number one in our hearts, Seb. That’s all that matters.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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What really gets me about these podium ceremonies is how much everyone seems to dislike Rosberg. At first I thought it was just disgruntled Hamilton fans, but it seems everyone loves to boo him. I’m interested to see what happens when we get out of Europe again.