Some Tips If You Plan On Driving During The Solar Eclipse

Hey nerds! A total solar eclipse is headed our way on Aug. 21. Get ready for some sacrificial offerings made to unknown gods and general witchcraft afoot. And if you’re planning on driving around during the big event, here are some tips that’ll help you avoid any mishaps.


Honestly, it’s pretty straightforward stuff. All the eclipse is is a big spectacle in the sky that will distract you and likely other people on the roads. AAA released some helpful tips this week that can be boiled down to “don’t be a moron.”

Good advice for driving and life in general!

  • Do not attempt to watch the solar eclipse while driving! The better option is to find a safe place to park, and then observe the eclipse. The peak darkness phase will last just 2-3 minutes. NASA has created an interactive map that allows you to view when the eclipse will be visible in your area.
  • Drive safely. Eagerness to view the eclipse is not an acceptable reason to drive aggressively or while distracted.
  • Drive with your headlights on. Not only will you be much more visible to other drivers, your forward vision will be improved.
  • Watch out for pedestrians! There may be many people standing in or along the roadway watching the eclipse.
  • Be alert to the possibility of distracted drivers swerving into your lane.
  • Other drivers may be attempting to watch the eclipse and drive at the same time.
  • To help prevent trouble, keep additional space between you and other vehicles.
  • Reduce your speed so you will have more time to make an emergency maneuver if needed.

Just like in any other driving scenario, don’t try to do two things at once. It just so happens that this scenario involves a solar eclipse—which, very exciting! But if you plan on watching it, pull over somewhere to do so. That way your eclipse viewing won’t be disturbed by something trivial like driving safely.

Also, don’t look at the sun directly, you goose! Just because it has a moon in front of it doesn’t mean it still can’t damage your eyes. Get a special pair of viewing glasses—but also be aware that some of them are fake and could result in harm if used.

And with that, go out into this big, crazy world of ours, my children. Make it your own.

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  • if you simply must drive during this celestial event, you can safely look at the eclipse through a moonroof, but not a sunroof.