Some Things Never Change In The Car World

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The car industry claims to be based on change. There's always a new model, a new brand, a new fastest car. At a certain point, you realize that some things never change.


Perhaps the car world is in a state of permanent revolution, but then they do say, plus ça change, plus c'est la meme chose.

Well, we don't really care that there's a new ‘fastest car' or ‘sexiest car' or ‘coolest car' every few weeks. We don't mind that there's a ‘breakthrough feature' or a ‘mind-blowing design' every time a new car comes out. There are some constants that we love, and we hope that these things never change.

For instance, racing cars on dirt will always be amazing. Look at that picture up top, with Marcus Grönholm about to win a race going on two wheels. Who wants that to stop?

Today we got two more reminders of constants in car culture.

Bobbycrumpley reminded us that when the C7 ‘Vette debuts, we'll hear the same criticisms of the Corvette as we've always heard.

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Just as I suspected, the tactile quality of the paper is nowhere near what you would get in a notepad from a German competitor. And just look at the spiral binding. What is this, 1968?


ThunderSi reminded us, too, that we still have no clue what life is going to be like with a really groundbreaking design in transportation. This time, it will be driverless cars, and we haven't the slightest idea what life will be like when they start selling in showrooms.

Officer Smith: "Ma'am, where did you park your car."
Young Urban Professional Lady: "I didn't. I told it to go park itself."
Officer Smith: "You what?"
Young Urban Professional Lady: "Told it to park itself, of course. I can't be bothered with such things."
Officer Smith: "Let me get this straight. You didn't park your car, but now you say it's been stolen. How do you know where it was parked?"
Young Urban Professional Lady: "I don't. But it didn't come when I called."
Officer Smith: "It... what? Quit wasting my time, lady."
Back at the car: dead battery.


Well, at least rallycross is always going to be amazing.

Photo Credit: Steve White



Congratulations, Mr. bobbycrumpley and Mr. ThunderSi, on shared COTD today! I would like to gift you gentlemen with a Corvette which this lovely lady with the lovely smile will bring to you soon.