Some Sinkhole-Damaged Corvettes May Not Be Fixable

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Two months ago, the ground opened up underneath the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky and swallowed eight rare, unusual and special Corvettes. The museum pulled the last Corvette out of the sinkhole a few weeks ago, but now they're coming to terms with just how badly some of the cars were damaged.

CNN reports that the museum could choose not to restore the last three or four recovered Corvettes because the damage was just too extensive.

This may come off as a big "No shit" if you look at how mutilated some of the Corvettes are in the recovery photos, but until museum officials actually saw the cars they didn't expect them to look this bad.


The cars in the worst shape include the Mallett Hammer C5 Z06, pictured above, a super-rare 1993 ZR-1 Spyder, and the 1984 PPG Pace Car. The first one is just a twisted, unrecognizable hunk of metal now; it's hard to imagine any car coming back from that.

Next month the museum will meet with restorers and General Motors to decide if and how some of the cars can be saved. "We'll listen to what they say about it, and then we'll make a decision as to which car gets restored and to what degree," museum board member Dana Forrester told CNN.

Damn you, sinkhole. That wasn't cool.

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Honestly, I'd leave those last really destroyed cars destroyed. They've not become almost priceless. Historic even. Just give the owners a new Z06 or something as repayment. Or a new Corvette every year for life maybe?