Some Lunatic Rattle-Canned A $237,000 Lamborghini

When DUB describes Zevigg’s Huracán as “the first hand-painted Lamborghini” they mean spray-painted. And behold: the second-fastest way to destroy a quarter-million dollar supercar.


“The idea came about after I had painted a Stormtrooper helmet,” Lambo spray paint artist Rich B. Caliente told DUB magazine in an interview about the project.

Zevigg, the car’s owner and also artist, who apparently “works hard and plays harder,” saw a spray-job Caliente had done on the Star Wars prop and thought his sports car would look good in the same finish.

I’m inclined to disagree. But hey, if you want your Lamborghini to look like the inside of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s brain with a bad hangover, go for it.

Joking aside about crushing the car’s value, I’m almost positive this three-day fifty-plus paint can job started with a white vinyl wrap on the car which can be removed when it comes time to sell.


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