Some Hero Dropped A 2JZ Into A Jeep Wrangler

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What we have here is the ultimate fusion of two of the most popular modified cars: the Toyota Supra and Jeep Wrangler. If you ever wanted a rear-drive Jeep with the most legendary turbocharged six cylinder ever to come from Japan, now is your chance.

Currently for sale on Craigslist is what the owner claims to be the only 2JZ-swapped Jeep Wrangler in existence. Having never heard of such a swap before I’m inclined to believe him, though I’m not surprised it happened.


The base car is a 1997 Wrangler and even comes with a hardtop. Unlike most Wranglers this one is rear-wheel-drive, but the seller says it can be converted back with some work. The Jeep pumps out about 350 horsepower, and as we all know this motor could handle much more if you were so inclined.

The modifications, as expected, are pretty extensive. Though the car does look well put together.

1997 Jeep Wrangler,

About 90k on the body and much less on the JDM Swap

Currently RWD but can be configured to AWD with the addition of a drive shaft/half shaft. (all the components are there.

Stock motor 2JZGTE non VVTI / Stock ECU 15psi of boost

2JZ motor mated to a Jeep 5spd gearbox with custom adaptor

Welded Rear Diff - (does chirp around corners)

Greddy Intake Manifold

HKS blowoff valve

Compound turbo set up ( Borgwarner S372 & Holset HX35 )

Black interior

4x Rsx Type s seats

Updated DEFI gauge cluster installed (Gas Gauge needs to be wired in )

NRG quick release wheel

Yokohama AT tires / pro comp Mickey Thompson wheels

Rubicon Fender Flares

Angry Grill

LED headlamps

Off road bumpers

XTI spare tire holder

Fresh paint

Custom Hood

Fairly new Brakes and Suspension (less than 500 miles)

Runs and drives great...

Of course, it’s not perfect, the ad does say the heater and A/C don’t work, but it does sound good.

The owner is asking $20,000 or is willing to trade for some other cool Japanese hardware. Now that may seem a bit steep for a 1997 Wrangler, but all Wranglers are insanely priced so if you are going to overspend, might as well have something that is one of a kind.

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Why though? It’s stiillllll gonna handle like absolute garbage.