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I'm sure we've all played the "let me guess what you drive by just looking at you/letting you talk/smelling you" game, to varying degrees of success. I personally can tell what someone drives simply by looking at their keys and registration card. A guy on an Amazon user's forum claims he can do it based on what you type.


Here's what the guy, Christopher, has to say about it:

Hey guys, I've always been able to tell what kind of car someone drives almost immediately upon sight - it's pretty amazingly how correct I generally am. Obviously here I can't see you so I'd like to see if my ability would still work or not. Please tell me one thing about yourself, whatever you'd like, and I'll see if I can tell you what type of car you drive. Please follow-up and let me know if I got it right or wrong.



Okay, fair enough. In paging through the responses, Christopher's hit/miss ratio isn't so hot, but it's interesting to see how these exchanges play out.

So, go on and try to stump the guy, why not? Also, I had no idea people did this kind of thing on Amazon.

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