Some Glorious Lunatic Is Selling A Hennessey Venom GT On Autotrader

That’s no ordinary “Used 2010 Lotus Elise.” Read further down the page, and you’ll see that this is the fastest production car in the world—at least until the Venom F5 comes out. This ultra-rare, hyper-fast Hennessey Venom GT is for sale at a dealer across from a Sheetz near Pittsburgh for a cool $1.25 million.

World’s most expensive used Elise?

Of course, it’s listed on Autotrader like any other used car, complete with fuzzy low-res photos of the car itself and mundane details on how to get to the dealership.

“We offer low rate bank financing to qualified applicants and have financing available for all credit types-even if you have been turned down before!!!” reads the probably-standard boilerplate about Choice Auto Sales on the ad.

You may want to clarify whether the usual 48-month unlimited mile warranty applies to a car that’s been chopped up, elongated and re-engined by the madmen at Hennessey Performance, though.


Of course, this car has been stretched in order to fit a massive 1,244-horsepower twin-turbo Chevrolet 7.0-liter LS7 V8 that’s been mated to the 6-speed manual transmission from a Ford GT. I’m not sure even Doug DeMuro would care about the warranty in this case.

The car’s VIN comes from the Elise it’s based on, which may explain the discrepancy between the model name and the listing.


According to the listing, this is the first white Venom GT that was prepared for Pebble Beach. While the Autotrader ad claims this is “believed to be the last one that will be built,” we know that’s not true. Hennessey came back and made an even more powerful version of the Venom GT with 1,451 hp.

In case you’re interested in the car, this bizarrely normcore listing for a Venom Freaking GT reads:

Hurry in to #1 Choice Auto Sales in Murrysville Today! We are conveniently located directly across from Sheetz on Route 22 at 4765 Old William Penn Highway- Route 22 in Murrysville PA 15668! Only 5 miles from the PA turnpike and the Parkw>


Oh. Um. That’s a bit cut off. I’ve still got a Pennsylvania Lottery ticket in my purse from January, so let me know if you’re headed that way and I’ll check it at the Sheetz.

While their claim that the car is the last GT out there is a stretch, I can really believe them when the ad talks about the dealership’s huge selection of cars. I mean, most of the random used dealerships here are pushing the boundaries of weirdness if they have a Smart car on the lot. An incredibly rare white Venom GT totally blows that out of the water!


Go here for the full ad, or read it here if the link goes down.

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