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Solar Taxi Traveling Around the World

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With the looming crude oil madness, you can bet that the masses will be pretending to care about clamoring for alternatives when gas tops five bucks. Bad for most, spectacular timing for the the folks running the Solar Taxi project. A ragtag international group of environmentalists and engineering nerds has put together a completely solar powered car and they're in the midst of driving it around the world to show off the benefits. The trek began in July after a departure from Switzerland, and they've made their way through Europe, the Middle East and South Asia so far. Right now they're tooling around in Australia. The planned 15 month route will cover around 50,000 km and what looks like a couple Jalop back yards in the coming months. You can follow their progress through blogs and maps at their website


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@TinaChow: Thank you for pointing that out and I think you're on to something, but I think I've figured it out...

The meter runs on gas from a fuel cell in the front, and that is not an elephant, it's a gas pump cleverly disguised as an elephant!