Soccer Player Milan Baros Gets Tagged With Highest Speeding Ticket Ever...For Lyon, France

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According to the AFP, Czech international striker Milan Baros was clocked by local police doing 271 kilometres an hour (168 mph) in his Ferrari on a motorway east of here on Thursday. Baros, who currently plays for French soccer champions Lyon, had the Ferrari confiscated and his driving license suspended. He will appear before a magistrate to answer the charges and faces a three-year ban for his alleged speed violation. "The policeman involved had to have a second look at the radar control because he could hardly believe how fast the car was was a record speed violation for this county," claimed Lyon police officer Claude Loron. No word on which Ferrari he was driving. [Photo credit and story via AFP]



Lol, not bad but it does remind me of a guy who got caught going 160mph on Lake Shore Drive in Downtown Chicago, but then again that guy was a little crazy.

[] - Best quote: "He was almost parallel to the ground when he went through the turn,"