Soap Box Racer from Hell

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Er, make that Holland, which is actually quite a nice place. Two days ago you finks absolutely trashed Marjin van der Poll's Can-Am inspired design project, the CM426 Merlin. So let's call this Marjin's revenge. Anyone caught not liking this soap box racer will be outed as the 12-year-old that they are. Also, from now the official language of Jalopnik is Swedish. All commenters under the age of 16 are now 16. All commenters must change their underwear every half hour. All underwear is to be worn on the outside of your clothing so we can check. As for the Marjin's Soap Boxer, jump!

Illustration for article titled Soap Box Racer from Hell

Says Mr. van der Poll:

The car was built in about four weeks last year for an exhibition. It has a external brake leaver and the pedal for the clutch and throttle are visibly connected by wires running through the center of the open chassis.The black tubing you see sticking out of the car is actually a small auxiliary tank madeextinghuiser.The from a fire extinghuiser. The car is meant as a design statement and is not certified for road use. It is still in my collection.


Doesn't it look exactly like what the Dutch James Bond would drive? I mean, Johannes Booende? Enjoy the vid.

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hmmm. I have a Soapbox Derby addiction AND an old Mazda 626 laying around.

wonder, that'd be just silly.