So You Want A 4x4 Volvo 245?

We've all seen plenty of hyper-redneck 4x4 conversions, in which some overall-wearing gentlemen from Butcher Holler (or Fontana) plop a car body on a truck chassis and roar off to the nearest mudhole and/or rock formation. Brian Roth's 4x4 Volvo, on the other hand, is all about the science; Roth wanted a wagon that could negotiate his steep driveway during Sierra Nevada winters and he wanted it cheap and reliable. So he took a GM 3.8 V6/700R4 combo, a Dana 30 front axle out of a Cherokee, and some impressive fabrication skills and cooked up this sensible 4x4 '75 Volvo 245 (to add to a stable that boasts a turbo Ford 2.3-motivated 914, a 4x4 Mercedes 300TD, and a 4x4 '74 Civic).


Not a Cross Country - 240 Wagon 4x4 Build-up []

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