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So, Viper owners, come on, what gives? Didn't mama love you? What could possess you to go around leading, as it were, your own one-car parade, to so disorder the public peace, to sport such an obvious automotive codpiece? If automobiles are costumes, Viper owners are attending life's masquerade dressed as randy jesters.

ā€” Dan Neil giving another hilarious review of the 2013 SRT Viper.


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You know, at one point in my life, I enjoyed Dan Neil rants. I think, maybe, that when he was surrounded by other car people, he kept himself in check a little. But after hanging around with Adam Carolla, all frontal lobe function ceased. No filter, no reserve, no calming influence. Whatever verbal or literary impulse materializes, out it comes, like a Tourette spell.

I am unsure why exactly Neil has decided to trash this particular form of automotive excess, instead of say, Ferrari, or Koenigsegg, or Bugatti. But here he is, giving out verbal lashings to people he doesn't even know, just because they have a particular flavor of lust.

This is not something that people who really love cars do. This is something that people who are trying to get automotive journalism awards do, when they are trying to get noticed. And in that effort, he succeeds in spades.

Something is over the top here alright, Mr. Neil. Only, it isn't really the car. It's your facile hyperbole, which manages to be both annoying and offensive, and not really even entertaining, despite all the wink-wink-nod-nod of your supposed automotive sophistication. This article sucked balls. All you have done, in my estimation, is prove that you are more of a writer whose subject is cars, than a guy who really likes them.

And that sir, is a fail.