When I wrote about the possible Houston Spaceport earlier today, my story was full of excitement and optimism for the future of civilian and commercial space travel. Perhaps I spoke too soon.


This comment thread made me realize that space travel is going to be run by airports and airline companies. I hate air travel and everything that comes with it. How do I know it won't be exactly the same except worse because now there's space shit involved?

First, from Spiegel, Jalopnik's Pariah:

I have to get to Io before 221:44 solar time and Virgin Galactic just delayed the flight 2 hours because there's some shit going on at the asteroid belt. Fuckin' typical spacelines. What's worse is that I'm seated right next to the stage 1 rockets. Yeah, now I gotta deal with that sound and rumbling as we exit the atmosphere.

And they fuckin' ran out of peanuts. HOW DO YOU RUN OUT OF PEANUTS?!


Then from cazzyodo:

You could get peanuts?!?!?

I'm jealous. All I get is some guy in front of me leaning back during takeoff so his seat is on my knees, a rather large woman to my left who refuses to share one of the arm rests her body seems to be absorbing and a small child screaming into my ears.

From Spiegel again:

There's got to be a better way to travel between planets.

This is ridiculous.

And from CKeffer:

Where are my transporters, dammit? Weren't we supposed to have teleporters by this point, what the hell are those scientists doing?


Fuck that noise. I'm staying on Earth.

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