So Chris Harris Bought A 1957 Citroën 2CV And It's Amazing

/DRIVE's Chris Harris, noted master of extremely high-end speed machines, has purchased a new car. It is very old, very French, and very slow. And it is amazing.

Harris is the proud new owner of a Citroën 2CV. A 1957 model that features a restored chassis, a newer-ish 425cc motor with a whopping 12 horsepower, and a perfectly aged exterior patina. Don't worry, it has some luxury features too, like an electric starter and door locks. Otherwise it's a masterpiece of simplicity.

But considering the 2CV's incredible technical innovations for its time, fascinating history, and legendary durability — not to mention its iconically offbeat looks — he says it's the most interesting car he's owned.


What a marvelous machine. I'm more jealous of this than I am of any Porsche 918 Spyder test drive.

Hat tip to TheWorldIsFlat 2(O=[][]=O)2 in Oppo!

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Biased Plies

He sounds like a very excitable old man while driving that car. Love it.

He's got such a good attitude about himself and the car. It's got a sense of humour about it and he doesn't take himself too seriously while driving the car. It just looks like he's genuinely enjoying himself and that's fantastic.

Also, and not that I think they need to yet but if the TGUK crew is looking to perhaps retire or adopt a new member, they need to seriously consider Chris for exactly the reasons stated above. I also think he'd fit well with some of the adventures and shenanigans that Top Gear gets up to.