/DRIVE's Chris Harris, noted master of extremely high-end speed machines, has purchased a new car. It is very old, very French, and very slow. And it is amazing.


Harris is the proud new owner of a Citroën 2CV. A 1957 model that features a restored chassis, a newer-ish 425cc motor with a whopping 12 horsepower, and a perfectly aged exterior patina. Don't worry, it has some luxury features too, like an electric starter and door locks. Otherwise it's a masterpiece of simplicity.

But considering the 2CV's incredible technical innovations for its time, fascinating history, and legendary durability — not to mention its iconically offbeat looks — he says it's the most interesting car he's owned.


What a marvelous machine. I'm more jealous of this than I am of any Porsche 918 Spyder test drive.

Hat tip to TheWorldIsFlat 2(O=[][]=O)2 in Oppo!

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