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Snowbound Motive Mag Demonstrates the Scandinavian Flick

Illustration for article titled Snowbound Motive Mag Demonstrates the Scandinavian Flick

I happen to live in paradise Los Angeles, but for those of you in snowy, icy northern nightmares places, you might be very interested in the driving lesson that Motive is offering. It's called the Scandinavian Flick. Rally drivers, drifters and even my brother Hollywood stuntmen are all familiar with the technique. Motive's Bryan Joslin is claiming the Flick is the fastest and safest way around a wet corner. Though, he does point out that law enforcement might view your superior car control as nothing more than hoonage, so don't Flick on public roads.


Here's how you Flick around a right-hander:

1. Set up the car in a straight line before the onset of the turn. The car should be just to the left of the road's centerline, to allow room for the tail to swing out.

2. Flick the steering wheel just slightly in the opposite direction of your intended turn, in this case a faint snap to the left. This will shift the car's load dramatically, and build up inertial momentum.

3. Quickly move the wheel back in the direction of your intended turn, to the right in this example. The sudden change in direction will upset the chassis just enough to cause the back end of the car to over-react, pointing you in the direction of the turn, or even a little bit past it. To heighten this effect, you can either lift the throttle or provide a bit of left-foot braking just after the initial, opposite-direction flick (Step 2).

4. Once the car starts to rotate, apply just enough countersteering to put the car on its final trajectory.

5. With the car on its new heading, apply enough throttle to pull you through the turn, gradually trimming back the car's rotation as you pull through the apex of the curve.

6. Exhale, unpucker, and declare to the onlooking moose that you're the king of the North Country.


That sounds about right. Or at least fun. Next time we're in the snow we're going to have to give the Flick a try. Or at least some aquavite. Oh, and if you click over to Motive, pay special attention to the car used for the demo. [Motive Mag]

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Jeff Glucker

@LTDScott: Ha... I cant wait for Carmageddon to strike on my drive home from work.

My wife once overheard co-workers mention they were leaving work to pull their kids out of school before an impending rain storm hit...

To get a drivers license everyone should be forced to spend 2 years in a snowy/rainy area driving only RWD vehicles of different sizes