The Snowpocalypse brought a foot of snow to Brooklyn. Combine the snow with high winds channeled by the city's grid-like streets creates the perfect recipe for Mother Nature custom-built white aerodynamic-enhancing body kits.

Aerodynamics are tricky to get just right. Automakers typically spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours in wind tunnels to get just the right coefficient of drag along the sleek skin of a car. It's why hybrids all end up looking like jelly beans — it's because as of now, it's the most efficient design shape for minimizing drag and therefore, maximizing fuel economy at higher speeds. But who knew Mother Nature could do just as well as designers can do — and for the cost of only a bit of salt damage. Here's ten examples from last month in Brooklyn showing off her design chops.

[via Sacha Phflepp's Flickr]