Snooki, the short woman with a penchant for "guido juiceheads" from the popular television program Jersey Shore, used the money from her ironic fame to buy and uglify a Cadillac Escalade. Now she's selling it. Get excited?

The Escalade in question is a 2011 EXT. The exterior has been fully wrapped in a highly exotic faux reptillian skin (I say snake) with tasteful and subdued pink accents. The badge on the back has been swapped out for one that says "Boss Lady."


On the inside, there are leopard print mats (meow!) and a woodrimmed steering wheel. All of this style and awfulness is at $63,100 on eBay right now, and the reserve still hasn't been met. It's already a crack pipe.


I actually saw the car in person when Snooki and JWOWW filmed some sort of show in my town for a while. Yes, it looks as awful in person as it does in pictures. It actually might look worse.

If you buy it, make sure to really clean those seats. I mean really clean them.

(Hat Tip to Peter!)