SNL Sketch Takes On Not-So-Big Three Congressional Hearing

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Saturday Night Live took on the not-so-Big Three's congressional testimony and "jetpooling" incident in this weekend's "cold open," and unfortunately fell into the trap of shamelessly mocking tired stereotypes. Which is sad, because we'd watched SNL take on a new level of relevancy as of late thanks to the uber-adorable Tina Fey and an election season devoid of real political commentary. That's not to say watching Will Forte as Rick Wagoner, Darrell Hammond as Bob "The Builder" Nardelli and Jason Sudeikis as Alan Mulally isn't funny, but hearing about quality issues on the upcoming Ford Fiesta and a Cadillac XLR-V is a bit ol' and busted if you ask us. Now quality issues on a Chrysler 300C? That's comedic genius. But hackneyed and tired jokes aside, we were more concerned with further evidence the automakers have done the world's worst job of getting their message out. For example, when we heard Casey Wilson as NY Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Clueless) explaining to the auto chiefs Congress mandated 200 MPG cars and in doing so they've "done their part." The joke on cluelessly ineffective CAFE over-reaching was met with absolute silence. Contrast that with a moment later when Hammond, as Nardelli, responds to the question "What is Chrysler doing to make more fuel efficient cars?" with "I don't know." The joke's greeted with massive laughter. Here's a tip for GM, Ford and Chrysler — when you become a bigger punchline than Congress, you know you've done a piss-poor job at message management. Just sayin'... [SNL via Crooks and Liars]


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