Snake on a car gives family ultimate driving distraction

A Tennessee family on a road trip discovered they had a stowaway when a snake slithered onto the windshield and hung out for several miles. Happy airlines? Even snakes think plane travel is too expensive.


Tony and Rachel Fisher of Memphis were about 15 minutes into their drive when the snake emerged from the GMC Yukon's engine compartment. As one might suspect, it was the parents in the car that freaked out, especially after Tony Fisher misidentifies the rat snake as a poisonous water moccasin — although given his occupation as a pastor, there was no quoting Samuel L. Jackson about how motherlovin' snakes enter various forms of transit.

After a few miles of enjoying the breeze, the snake did finally take flight, leaving the Fishers with a YouTube page full of opprobrium from the Slytherin House asking why more wasn't done to remove it without killing it. Who says it had to go? Some people might welcome a car pet that could surprise unwelcome guests.


Tower: State your problem and position.

Fisher: Reptile dysfunction, junction.

Tower: Repeat?

Fisher: We have a wiper viper.

Tower: Go faster, Pastor.

Fisher: It's nearer the mirror.

Tower: Through the fissure, Fisher?

Fisher: Roger, Roger. More power, Tower?

Tower: You can, Yukon.

Fisher: It's off.

Tower: I picked the wrong week to stop injecting snake venom.