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SMS, Steve Saleen's new operation, wants to sell 2005-09 Mopar Hemi owners a supercharger that the company claims can bump underhood horsepower by as much as 45%. The SMS 296 supercharger has some unique features, including an internal intercooler and a low profile, letting the blower sit between the cylinder banks and fit entirely under the hood. Obviously, we can't verify any of the company's output claims, but if they'd send us a Challenger so-equipped, we'd be happy to amend this post with full test results. Steve? Anyone? Full release with specs after the jump.

Orange County, California. (August 7, 2008) Automotive icon Steve Saleen and his new company SMS are proud to introduce the first product in the SMS line of ultra-high performance technical parts, the SMS 296 Supercharger™, designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled in-house at our 150,000 square foot facility. Mopar owners of 2005 to 2009 HEMI 5.7 and HEMI 6.1 vehicles are now able to boost under hood horsepower by up to 45% with innovative new dual-screw supercharger (patent pending).

With over 30 years of racing experience Steve Saleen and the SMS design and engineering team have created the ultimate supercharger for Mopar enthusiasts. Now the aftermarket community can take advantage of the SMS 296 Supercharger™, which will be standard equipment on the highly anticipated 2009 SMS 570 Challenger™ and SMS 570X Challenger™, with power ratings from 500 to over 700 horsepower respectively!

The SMS 296 Supercharger™ is packed with innovative features created by SMS engineers to provide optimum boost in an exceptionally compact package.

At the top of the list is the Delta-Frame™ internal intercooler (patent pending), with dual thin-core intercoolers and single-pass coolant flow. The intercooler design provides for a considerable increase in surface area, which has the effect of minimizing pressure drop and optimizing thermal characteristics. The intelligent configuration also acts as a mechanical diverter for effective air transfer into the ports, while the angled manifold enables packaging of runners that are much longer than in conventional layouts.

The long intake runner optimizes airflow efficiency and provides the SMS 296 Supercharger™ with an extremely low profile. This arrangement means that it nestles comfortably within the V, and under the stock hood of all applications, as well as accommodating a bypass system for 3-way cruising off-boost.

At the heart of the supercharger are the asymmetric multi-lobe compressor screws, which are machined in-house by SMS on state-of-the-art CNC equipment. The screw concept is among the most efficient of all supercharger configurations. However, it is also one of the most challenging to manufacture.

In order to minimize parasitic losses, it is crucial to maintain incredibly tight tolerances between the profiles of the asymmetrical lobes. Running dry at speeds of up to 16,000 rpm, there is no room for error. In finishing the screw profiles, the SMS flexible CNC machining facility is working to exacting tolerances. The flexibility of the equipment also means that changes in the screw profiles can be accommodated for different applications.

The innovations on the SMS 296 Supercharger™ carry through to its exterior, with SMS Tailor Made™ custom finishes and powder coat color options to match most Mopar colors. Now enthusiasts can match the impact under the hood with the one at the rear wheels.

The complete SMS 296 Supercharger™ aftermarket assembly looks great and installs easily under the stock hood of all applications including; the Dodge Challenger SRT-8, Dodge Challenger R/T, Dodge Charger SRT-8, Dodge Charger R/T, Dodge Magnum SRT-8, Dodge Magnum RT, Chrysler 300C SRT-8, Chrysler 300C, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, and Select 5.7L Hemi Dodge Trucks.

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SMS Sales 714-400-2121 x216

SMS 296 Supercharger™ key features: Patent Pending

* SMS-2955 cc / 180 cu. in. Displacement

* SMS-Integrated Front Drive/Induction Combo

* SMS-Dual Screw Configuration

* SMS-Asymmetric Multi-Lobe Compressor Screws

* SMS-Delta-Frame™ Internal Intercooler Configuration, Patent Pending

* SMS-Remote Drive 8-Rib Pulley and Dampener

* SMS-Internal High-Volume By-Pass Valve

* SMS-Low-Profile High-Volume 10 Inch Long Runners

* SMS-Dual Thin-Core Intercoolers with low pressure drop

* SMS-Single-Pass Intercooler Coolant Path

* SMS-Symmetric CNC Intercooler Caps with integrated coolant passages

* SMS-High-Volume Intercooler Water Pump with recovery tank

* SMS-High-Volume Heat Exchanger with all hardware

* SMS-80 mm Venturi with high-flow air filter

* SMS-88 mm Cold Air Inlet Tube

* SMS-SuperTune OBD Compliant Calibration and Program Tool

* SMS-Extruded Aluminum Fuel Rails with upgraded fuel injectors where applicable

* SMS-Ultra-Light Weight Aluminum Construction

* SMS-Stainless Steel Fasteners

* SMS-Instruction Manual

* Utilizes factory throttle body and hood



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