This Electric Smart Car Racing Crash Is Both Adorable And Extremely Intense

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I didn’t know that an electric Smart car racing series existed until last night, and I’m absolutely heartbroken that I didn’t get to see the series’ Vallelunga race live. If you haven’t seen the clip yet, then strap in and get ready to see the most absurd racing accident you’ve ever seen.

Don’t do anything. Just watch this clip from the Smart EQ ForTwo Cup:

The No. 30 car squeezes the No. 55, cutting the 55 off as he was about to hit the apex of the corner. It was a pretty dumb move from the 30, I can’t lie—but the No. 55 just loses it.


The two are basically connected as they lose control and skid into the gravel, at which point the 55 pushes the accelerator to the floor to intentionally crash into the 30, pushing the 30 the wrong way onto the track. When the 30 tries to drive away, the 55 decides he ain’t done yet—and floors it into his competitor again. It looks like both cars are stopped for a moment, debris and gravel all over the track.

And that wasn’t even the only incident between those two! What looks to be just a little bit later, the 30 squeezes the 55 on a turn again, while the 55 is just absolutely sending it into the corner. The two come into contact, and the 55 does a few barrel rolls. That, presumably, ended his race.


Now, I don’t mean to make light of reckless driving. Both of the people involved here—the 55 especially—were driving like assholes. But the level of aggression here just exceeds what I’d have expected to come out of someone driving something as cute as a tiny Smart car.

It’s certainly a very spectacular way to end a race, and it’s one hell of a way for a racing series to make it into the public eye.


If you’ve also decided that this racing series is your new favorite thing, then you can check out its website here. The next race, during the October 26-27 weekend, will take place at Autodromo dell’Umbria in Magione, Umbria, Italy.