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Sloth Safely Returned To Trees After Accidentally Taking A 40-Mile Truck Trip

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The Toucan Rescue Ranch shared some sloth news on IGTV that’s just relevant enough for me to justify posting on Jalopnik so here goes: A female two-toed apparently snuck into a truck’s engine bay and was discovered after a 40-mile drive. Said sloth has now been rehabilitated and returned to the wild.


Finally, some news with a happy ending!


TRR is one of Costa Rica’s many animal rehab sanctuaries/zoos. It’s not too far from the country’s capital of San Jose, so I recommend taking a tour if you cruise through the country.

I’ve actually been to this place myself and thoroughly enjoyed meeting its animals (they cater to many creatures in addition to toucans and sloths) though the guide that showed us around in 2018 was adamant that sloths make terrible pets so my dreams of bringing one home were quickly dashed.

Most of the animals you would meet at the Ranch on any given day are there to be rehabilitated and released. It’s the place you call when, say, you see a tuft of sloth fur under the hood of your truck and aren’t sure what to do with the stowaway.

It looks like this sloth, which rescuers dubbed “Lola la Trailera,” wasn’t injured during its drive and was able to be released back into the wild after a few days of rest and snacks. Why it climbed up in there... who knows. Sloths aren’t known for having a great sense of anything, so it probably just wanted to go “up” to get off the ground and the truck engine was the closest option. The road trip was probably pretty scary though–I’m sure whatever speed a typical Costa Rican truck cruises at feels like warp nine compared to a sloth’s usual saunter of about 0.15 mph.


(That speed spec is actually for the slightly smaller three-toed sloths, I couldn’t find a top speed claim for two-toed but I can’t imagine it’s much higher.)

Anyway, if you’re looking for more slothlopnik check out the sloth car I designed some Saturday last year.

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