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A ZPost forum member shares his story of the dangers of slipping an iPad behind the front seat of a BMW Z4. Especially when the Z4 has two disparately-sized drivers. Can someone say Apple sauce?


We'll let forum member JeF4y take it from here:

So I buy my wife a new iPad, and she's REALLY digging it. It goes everywhere with her so she can read, take notes, show pics, etc etc etc.

We end up going out in the Z4 running errands. I'm about a foot taller than she is, so there's obviously a huge difference in the seat adjustment between the two of us. When she drives with the seat forward, stuff falls off the ledge behind the seat, so she generally sets items behind the seat. (Yes, you see where this is going). That fateful Friday, it happened to be her purse & the iPad behind the seat.

We went out to eat, and she grabbed her purse but left the iPad. When we got out of the restaurant, she wanted me to drive since it was night and she can't see as well. I unlocked the Z with my key and the seat made a Taco out of her nice new iPad...


So let this be a lesson to us all — look before you slide your seat. Or, "Leave it between the rails, watch it fail."

More pictures and a slew of well wishes from other ZPost forumites here. (Hat tip to Vernon!)

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