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Slide Down The Escape Chute Of A Delta Jet

A Delta Airlines flight from Detroit to Phoenix on Thursday had to make an emergency landing in Colorado Springs due to engine failure. Some 225 passengers were forced to exit via the escape slides, and one kept his camera running.


With one less engine to slow the Boeing 757, its brakes were overheated and a fire was reported in one landing gear; officials parked it on the tarmac rather than risk flames near the terminal.

Detroit Free Press columnist Carol Cain was on the flight:

The pilot came on and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem with one of our engines. We need to make an emergency landing." Then there was a pause and he came back on and said, "Don't worry, I've practiced this on simulators. Don't be concerned when you see ambulances and fire trucks on the runway."


While the landing was fine, two people were injured while using the slide; unlike the playground versions, there's nothing to slow you down before you hit the concrete. Delta in its munificence did offer the passengers free food and drink. [Freep]

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Then the snowstorm hit. They all rented vehicles and were involved in an icy 20-car pileup.