Dear motorcycle rider who crashed into a cop car while popping a wheelie: you're doing it wrong.

Of course, I didn't have to tell you that. Generally, when you wind up in jail, you did it wrong.


The video description says these bikers were out on a memorial ride and stunting (read: generally being idiots, as you can see a few of them hanging out in the oncoming lane) when one of their number crashed into the back of one of those neat Chevrolet Caprice cop cars.

Needless to say, Johnny Law did not appreciate this move, and quickly tackled the rider to the ground while his buddies sped on by, and later put the video on YouTube.

Time to find some new friends, pal. Also, good form on the chokehold, officer.

UPDATE: Here's a news story about this incident and the behavior of the other riders during this event. Hint: it's worse than you think.

Hat tip to Carscoops!