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Slammed 8-Wheeler V8 Isuzu Pickup Raises Questions

Illustration for article titled Slammed 8-Wheeler V8 Isuzu Pickup Raises Questions

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is, in fact, an Isuzu pickup that has eight wheels, a V8 engine, and zero ground clearance. What? Why? How? Who shot JR? Well, it was all just a dream inside the mind of a Texas man who wanted "a truck that stands out." He started building it about three years ago.


Today, the dream is realized. Starting as an '89 Isuzu, the whole body has been shaved and smoothed, of course that's the last thing you'll notice about this machine. The bed has obviously been stretched, and is now 11-feet long to accommodate the three rear axles. Under the hood is a Chevy small block 350 V8, connected to a 700-R4 transmission. Allegedly, power then goes to all six rear wheels, which would be amazing, but we're going to remain skeptical. Either way, this truck known as "Triple Play" is certainly an attention-grabber.

[Truckin', via AutoMotto, via CarDomain]

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Rob Emslie

If this had been a factory model, Isuzu would still be in business on the U.S. today.