And now, for the most concentrated dose of stupidity you'll probably see all month.

This amazing video surfaced in Oppo-town this afternoon when it was posted by reader Bring Back The Stealth. (I'm also taking the rare move of stealing his headline, because it's brilliant and I can't think of a better one.)


In it we see a group of morons, er, amateur arborists who attempt to extract a rather large tree using only an ancient, front-wheel-drive Buick shitbox and a chain. Needless to say, it doesn't work, sending the car airborne more than a few times.

There's also that the weird random kid on the scooter who seems to sing a song about it "raining car pieces" at one point.

Tree 1, 1980s General Motors engineering 0.

Big hat tip to Bring Back The Stealth!

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