Skymark Airlines' Sexy Uniforms Raise Eyebrows & Hemlines

Japanese low-cost carrier Skymark Airlines has introduced daring new uniforms for its young Flight Attendants to go with the launch of service for its new Airbus A330-300 starting in May. While traveling businessmen may find it appealing, some argue these uniforms could actually inhibit the women from working safely.

While hardly the first flirty Flight Attendant uniform, every time one comes along, critics note how it could lead to tasteless treatment from passengers and makes the women into sex objects. The latter part there is obvious.


According to Akihabara News, the ladies won't be allowed to help get luggage into the overhead compartments. Japan doesn't have any rules to govern Flight Attendant uniforms, but the Ministry of Land, Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism has said they will keep their eye on the uniforms.

Yes, I'm sure they will.

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