Skydivers Nearly Collide Midair With The Airplane They Jumped Out Of

After an uneventful exit, this tandem skydiving pair make an unexpected close encounter with the very same airplane they jumped out of. So close was the collision that the reserve parachute was needed and most likely a new pair of pants as well.

It's fairly common practice for the jump plane to make a very steep descent after the last diver exits in order to get back on the ground as quick as possible to load up for another jump. These planes only exist for the sole purpose to climb to altitude and return immediately as quickly as possibly while letting anyone out along the way. A good pilot will have the next crew loaded and off the runway before that last skydiver even hits the ground.

This jumper appeared familiar with the practice and attempted to alert his passenger to get a view of the diving aircraft on a parallel free fall path. The pilot must have thought he'd put on a good show but mistakenly got too close and snagged the drogue chute and apparently chopped it off.


A drogue chute is commonly used in tandem jumps to slow free fall, giving a longer ride and to stabilize the descent. With the drogue damaged, it possibly interfered with the main parachute and it looks as though the reserve chute was used by pulling the deployment handle on the left side of the rig. The Tandem Master played the whole thing impressively cool and his passenger didn't even notice while rocking hang loose the entire time. Fortunately, the main parachute wasn't deployed or this video would've ended a lot differently.

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Turbineguy: Nom de Zoom

I wonder if those killjoys at the FAA might have something to say about this - after the jump instructor beats the flying piss outta the pilot of course..