Photo via Favcars
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Nowadays, everyone seems to think trucks and Jeeps should all have big fat meats on them, but I disagree. Narrow tires are just better.

I mean, look at that Series I Land Rover above. Does it have enormous 35x12.5 Super Swampers? No. Those things are probably no more than seven inches wide. Same thing with the NDTs on this CJ-2A:

Photo via Favcars

Jalopnik reader James’s Willys CJ-3B also looks fantastic on those little trailer rims. But it’s not just off-road SUVs that look great with skinny tires, even enormous pickups look awesome. Check out this F100:

And don’t think it’s all about looks either, there are a number of studies suggesting that narrow tires are actually better for the majority of off-road conditions.


So quit it with all the big fat knobby mud-terrains, and please grace this world with some six inch wide pizza cutters like the off-road gods intended.