Sixteen Percent Of Millennials Say They'll Never Buy A Self-Driving Car: Study

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You might not be able to buy an affordable (let’s say $30,000) self-driving car any time in the next 25 years, but, hell, there’s no reason we can’t ask the people about it. Edmunds released a survey Monday where they asked people from across all driving age groups if they would buy a self-driving car in the next five years.

Millennial, were the most willing to consider buying cars that drive themselves, with 35 percent saying they would do so in the next five years if, by magic, they somehow became available in that time. Only 14 percent of older folks, including the people described as baby boomers and the Greatest Generation, said the same. Five percent of those in the latter generation said they’d be willing to buy a self-driving car in “20+” years, (which is, not to get too dark here, optimistic.)


Here, have a look for yourself:

Table: Edmunds

This survey is based on a future that is not yet clear, and there are still a lot of questions we need to answer. Are people even going to own self-driving cars when they finally come? Aren’t we all just going to pay a subscription to a company that sends a self-driving car to our homes when we need it and it goes away when we don’t? Won’t we be lucky to just be alive in the year 2037?

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