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Six-Wheeled Yamaha R1 Kart Ensures You'll Die Smiling

Illustration for article titled Six-Wheeled Yamaha R1 Kart Ensures Youll Die Smiling

One of the most awesome death-traps we've seen in a while, this custom 6-wheel go-kart is powered by a 1000cc engine from a Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle. That means there's about 180 HP screaming directly behind you, sending power through all four rear wheels. This thing makes a 'Busa Kart look ordinary. We're somewhat surprised that it wasn't sold, even with its $6,000 starting bid. But then, the seller does say: "I DO NOT SUGGEST THAT ANYONE RIDE THIS KART." Never has going out in a blaze of glory been so simultaneously appealing and appalling.
[ebay via Autofiends]


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Am I the only one to notice the total lack of a differential that would give this thing absolutely no chance of making a turn without throttle blip oversteer?