The General Motors composite-body minivans of the early 1990s earned their "dustbuster" nicknames for the resemblance to other home appliances that suck. One example was transformed into a six-wheel pickup that's apparently for sale. Silhouette-amino? Words, unlike plastic, fail.


Jalopnik tipster Chris caught this one-of-one in Canada, on a road trip based on its California license plates. The for-sale signs identified the Steve Austin beneath this six-million-dollar monstrosity as a 1990 Oldsmobile Silhouette, the first of the breed. In addition to the spare axle and bed, the 'houette has also been blessed with dual spoilers, tonneau cover and 80's style limousine TV antenna — as if the thin layer of gold in the windshield to prevent GM's people haulers from serving duty as solar cookers wasn't enough luxury.

While the conversion looks semi-professional in some angles, the rear end's oxidation highlights suggests the El Sil suffers from neglect. Which may be the most baffling thing of all: How could someone own a vehicle like this and not feel its presence every waking moment?

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