Six Wheel Vintage Ford Stands Out In A Crowd

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Considering the Model A has been the Hot Rod platform of choice for decades, coming up with a unique way of modifying one is no small task.

It appears however someone came up with a sure fire way to make your Ford stand out in a crowd that has stood the test of time—add an extra axle and put on some tracks.

We're pretty sure it was utility not impressing people with a unique concept that inspired someone to add an extra axle and transmission to this Model A back in the early 1930s, but eight decades later the result is a vehicle that is still guaranteed to stand out in any automotive crowd


According to the Ebay listing for this six wheel 1931 Ford Model A, the conversion from basic automobile to tracked snow vehicle took place in Chicago not long after the car was built. After the conversion, it was used by a sportsman club in Michigan for several decades to hunt and ice fish along Lake Erie.

Beyond the obvious addition of an extra axle, a second transmission, custom tracks and removable front wheel skis were part of the transformation from average passenger car to go anywhere snow machine. Depending on the terrain and your mood you can choose between standard automotive steering or the also functional skid steer system.

We don't know exactly what you would do with it, but coming up with uses for this interesting six wheeler sure sounds like a fun problem to have. The bidding is currently at $10,000 with the reserve not met and plenty of time left on the auction.

Hat tip to StreetsideStig!