Single Biker Slows People's Convoy To A Crawl While Trucker Organizer Heads Home

“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you—it’s too loud." - A regular badass

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I think the best part of the People’s Convoy is the way it has spent the last three weeks bringing together people with similar interests across political divides. Like how D.C. residents and truckers both like to express their free speech in traffic, the two unlikely camps are now bonding over a shared enjoyment of slowly meandering through city streets.

Daily Beast Media Reporter and People’s Convoy expert (poor guy) Zachary Petrizzo posted this video of a D.C. bike rider bonding with his fellow traffic impeders.


It’s a heartwarming story really, made all the more poignant when the bike rider in question was confronted about his slow roll through beautiful and historic D.C. on a perfect sunny Spring day:


It’s unfortunate that Convoy drivers blame any attempts by the driving public to bond with protesters as the actions of Antifa. They’re cutting themselves off from the “people” part of the the People’s Convoy, and that can’t be good.

Honestly, the People’s Convoy could use all the support it could get. While annoying, it hasn’t really disrupted life in the nation’s capital quite to the extent that the failed Freedom Convoy did for folks in Ottawa. The cohesion of the convoy gets lost in the intense everyday traffic of Washington D.C., and the truckers are actually camped over an hour and a half away in Maryland. Can’t really blare your horns all night, trash important monuments, harass normal citizens going about their daily lives or fill residential streets with smog from miles away.


Of course, Capital Police have generally been less trusting of the truckers than Ottawa cops, closing off exits on the Beltway when they’ve attempted to come into D.C. proper and siccing parking enforcement on any that tried to stop. One of the Convoy’s fearless leaders also bowed out to visit family over the weekend, confusing truckers who have spent the last three weeks vowing to stay in D.C. until their “demands” are met, according to the Daily Beast.