Simona De Silvestro Out At Sauber; Susie Wolff, You're Our Only Hope

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In "news that makes me sad," Sauber test driver Simona de Silvestro's Formula One hopes have come to an end because of (surprise, surprise) financial reasons. If she gets replaced with a craptacular pay driver, I may have to start watching curling instead.

De Silvestro was previously best known for her run in IndyCar, which peaked with a podium finish at the 2013 Grand Prix of Houston, making her one of three female drivers to achieve a podium in the series.


News that she was crossing over to F1 as a test driver for Sauber was encouraging because not only was she one of the few females to make it that far in motorsport, but she came from the American open-wheel series, too.

It was clear that she had her goals set on a full seat for 2015. She could have even taken part in Friday practice for the United States Grand Prix next month, but that won't happen now because of insufficient financial backing. Per ESPN:

A team spokesman said: "Simona's driving programme is not being continued due to financial reasons on her side. Everybody in the team who worked with her during the last six months is very disappointed it came to this point, because they liked working with her. We are now looking at other possibilities for Simona to continue working with the team, but that will take time."

De Silvestro will remain an affiliated driver for the team, however, her future status with the team remains unclear.

Listen to me, Sauber: I know you need the cash, but if some fartknocking plutocrat with more cash than talent pops up in her place, I'm gonna be extremely tempted to take up watching curling.


I don't have the attention span for curling, but I'm getting tired of interesting mid- and back-field battles slowly getting replaced by fellows who are in over their heads, too.

De Silvestro, while never an outright winner in IndyCar, showed promise. For that, I'm sad to see her leave at Sauber.


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There's that and also the little matter of her not really being that good. Don't get me wrong she's a perfectly competent race driver for IndyCar or LeMans or anything like that. But she isn't F1 material. Never was. I desperately want a woman in F1 but I want one that's just as good as the boys. She isn't.