Silver Is The Only Metal Good Enough For This Aston Martin

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Can you see the number "925" engraved under the the tiny Aston Martin wing on the top of the normal size Aston Martin wing? That's there to tell you it's made of sterling silver, and the Vanquish glued to it is in fact a Centenary Edition.

Only 100 of this special car will be made for Aston's 100th birthday, with the badge itself coming from Birmingham's Jewelry Quarter, featuring 'trans-flux’ enamel inlay on the precious metal. The Vanquish CE also got a graduated gray paint finish so that nobody can confuse it with a regular car. On the inside, you'll find Deep Soft Black leather with contrasting silver stitching (previously only available in the One-77), embroidered headrests and numbered silver sill plaques.


The celebratory atmosphere wouldn't be complete without the additional presentation box which contains two glass keys, two bespoke key pouches made from the same leather as the interior, solid silver cufflinks featuring the Aston Martin script, a solid silver Rollerball pen and Bang & Olufsen headphones. If you don't like the Vanquish, don't worry! Aston Martin will also make Centenary Editions of its V8 Vantage, DB9 and Rapide models.

While silver is nice, we know a guy who celebrated his company's 100th with gold instead...