Look at this! A new start-up automaker’s vehicle—on actual streets! It appears someone has captured the Lucid Air moseying about the streets of San Francisco, in what Carscoops suggested could be a “promotional video shoot to be used at a later date.” And that’s cool.


As Carscoops aptly points out, this footage offers a look at the striking vehicle that doesn’t include any dramatic music. It’s a raw look at a pretty sleek-looking car, even if it’s just one car, and one car for promotional videos is a long way from actual mass production and sales.

Formally known as Atieva, the start-up wants to roll out the Air in 2018, and the company is claiming it’ll have a range of 400 miles, something it aims to achieve by using a 130kWh battery pack.

And at last month’s CES, the company showed off a stripped-down prototype by having Lucid Chief Technology Officer Peter Rawlinson drive us around.


As my colleague Raphael Orlove noted, the interaction left us with a sense that Lucid “seems like the most grounded and open” of the electric car upstarts in the world. That stemmed from Rawlinson and Lucid’s design chief, Derek Jenkins, being quite candid with us about how tight of a rope they’re walking to make the Air come to fruition.

But for now, this one Lucid Air is a real thing, and it’s driving on a street. It’s better than some other companies out there that we’ll just leave nameless at the moment.

Senior Reporter, Jalopnik/Special Projects Desk

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